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Testing Services

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Services offered:

Exam Scoring Services

Testing Services scans and scores multiple-choice exams for KU faculty and several other state departments. Instructors may choose from a variety of paper reports as well as digital feedback.

Exam Proctoring Services

Testing Services proctors a multitude of exams for students taking distance education courses through other universities, people taking employment exams for out-of-state entities, and national admissions exams, such as the Residual ACT (valid only at KU).

Survey Design and Scanning Services

Testing Services can help design surveys for projects that are relatively small in scope for an affordable price. These surveys can later be scanned and processed by Testing Services. Results can be requested in Excel, SPSS, or "raw data" formats.




Testers: Please note that if finals/classes are canceled due to weather, testing will be canceled. You may contact us to reschedule or we will contact you. Please call the office if you have any concerns. If you call outside of office hours, we will respond as soon as possible the following day. You may call 785-864-SNOW for the latest updates after 6:00AM.